3 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Vision

[Note: This post is an adaptation of a talk I gave in my new ward today. It has been changed slightly to be a little more blog-friendly, but also not changed very much because I didn’t feel like shortening it.] Do you have a favorite miracle in the scriptures that reminds you of God’s love […]

When the answer is peace

Last week, I was in a discussion about the spiritual needs of us younger-ish people. We spoke about answers from God. There was this feeling that many seek answers but don’t seem to get them. That they ask, but don’t feel they receive. And that without an answer to all the questions and all the confusion, it […]

You Cannot Fail

I found something out recently. I found out that I can’t fail. For a recovering perfectionist (seriously, but really, seriously), this is a hard thing to initially swallow.  Several months ago I got another calling in the ward. I’m still going 4 1/2 years strong with my service calling (which I love), but apparently I […]

Knowing What is Right

Back in my teenage years, I was a nerd. Ok, I take it back, I still am. I remember a particular day sitting on the school bus and debating with fellow friends about whether or not hot water could freeze faster than cold water. (I KNOW! I told you I was a nerd). I held […]