“Let me bless you”

It probably won’t surprise you that I have a guilt complex about an exceedingly large number of things. We’re going to allow “Ridiculous Liz” to speak for a moment. This morning I went to our stake Relief Society activity. We had workshops on providing, nourishing, and beautifying. In the “provide” workshop, I chose a lovely […]

Tangible Power

The other night, I was working on my managerial negotiations final project. I had to put together a video with film clips from entertainment, news or otherwise that covered negotiation topics from the class. This meant I had to spend several hours watching Youtube video clips (horrible, right?). As I tried to think of examples […]

The Waiting Room

The last week and a half has been filled with different experiences for me. My dear Grandma Helen Cannon Stitt is in the ICU right now on life support. I can’t seem to process my feelings without writing them down. Grandma Helen and me at her 90th birthday party  ————————————————————————————————————————–  My grandmother is 90 years […]

Hurrah for Israel!

I think I need a new rule. No more reading awesome news at work. I pulled up Deseret News today and saw something amazing. 58 new missions will be created. My own mission, the Brazil Curitiba mission, is being split to create the Brazil Curitiba South Mission. Seven new missions total in my heartland of […]

Mountains to Climb

As I thought about several people who read my last post and really felt touched by it, I just wished I could always have the right thing to say at the right time. Thankfully, someone else took care of that for me. Thanks Mormon Messages and President Eyring. Absolutely perfect. “Acting on even a twig […]