Learning to hit the brakes

Here’s a picture to make my blog seem more interesting.Not the same day, but the same kids. On a side note,this was the day I worked hard with L to learn to pump her legsso I wouldn’t have to push her on the swing anymore. Mykindness knows no bounds. On a normal day in a normal neighborhood, […]

Dear Future Mama Liz

Dear Future Mama Liz, I’m pretty sure one day you’ll need this. As you write this, you are thinking about how you’re turning 28 this week. Not married yet. Thankfully, your mom didn’t get married until she was 28, so you didn’t need to worry about “Man, when my mom was this age, she already […]

My 9/11 Hero

“For people who have experienced personal tragedies, the one thing that I would want them to know is to stay true — to hang in there — and there will be a better day. It may not be when you want it to come, but if you’ll just hang in there, life will get better.” […]


I got a rejection letter the other day for a book I wrote. It’s not the first time my work has been rejected. Won’t be the last time. I am a writer, after all. Actual letter: Thanks so much for submitting When You Go on a Mission to [publishing company] for our consideration. I wish I had better news, […]