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Oh hey…it’s been a while there, blog-reader friends.

No, I’m not dating someone. I know that’s what you were wondering. There are far more exciting endeavors that consume my time.

For example, the real delay has been because *look around*… I changed my site.

Move your blog to WordPress, they said.

It will be easy, they said.

It will be better, they said.

Three months later and I’m finally launching my first post, not because the blog is ready but because my wee little fingers are itching to write something insane! (Which post should I write next? Preparing to leave the YSA Ward? Dating in your 30’s? How my wedding would have been had I gotten married 10 years ago? An analysis of my failed attempt at a dating service? Online Dating round don’t-know-the-number?)

Turns out, blog migration is a pretty heinous endeavor for the inexperienced folk who want to try and figure everything out by themselves. I’m still uploading photos from my old blog into my new and if anyone knows how to set up 1-to-1 redirects, please help!

At any rate, my domain is now Because, well, Liz writes this. My old domain was my full name and I nearly had an existential crisis (you know, we use that term a little too loosely…so loosely that it’s lost all meaning… #nerdjoke). Anyway, I chose not to go with my full name because…reasons. First of all, what the heck am I supposed to do if I ever get married? Should I keep the old name as my blog and just change my driver’s license to my married name? Should I just stick with my maiden name? Hyphenate? Transfer the blog to a new domain if it ever comes to pass? I JUST DON’T KNOW! I’m not ready to figure out how feminist I am based off a blog name (I even hate that word. I prefer to just be called a human being and be seen as someone who cares about people in general). Besides, if I never get married, what a sad little statement that would be that my blog name always stays the same…I just can’t win. But Liz…that name will never change (right…since my real name is Elizabeth, and half the world knows me as Lizzie). [Also, if anyone ever asks, I want my future husband to call me Lizzie. There, I said it. So let it be written, so let it be done].

But also, employers, networking contacts, and stalkers will find it harder to get to my blog if it’s not my full name. Not that there’s anything to hide. And I’m also planning for this blog to be wickedly famous. So, all my excuses are invalid.

The point is…I’m not making a point. I really wanted to keep my blog name as “Write on” because it’s right on, but the .com had already been purchased by some other evil person. So I did some extensive audience research (aka a family text-message brainstorm) and came up with this blog title. It still keeps Liz. It shows that I write (as opposed to photography or cooking, cause heaven knows I don’t even know how to take a bathroom selfie and I just don’t really appreciate the art of cooking). Plus, it just sounds cool.

After the name fiasco, I then had to choose a template. Someone once told me I have no sense of design, so let me just tell you how easy that was.

But, you are now here. So welcome to the new blog/site. I plan to expand the kinds of topics I blog about (it never was just a dating blog, anyway, haha). And I hope to make millions of dollars in affiliate marketing. Considering I have made none dollars so far, I can only move upwards from here. Bwahaha. New posts coming soon!

Note: I also started my own Facebook page for the site. I’ll still post most updates on my personal Facebook, but I’ll post all of them on the Liz Writes This Facebook page. 

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  1. I can’t wait for many great posts to come. You’re an inspiration to the world, Lizzie!
    – your #1 fan

  2. Love it Liz, as always! 🙂
    And sadly WordPress is where it’s at these days, but I hardly consider it user friendly!

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