Israel 1: Haifa, Muhraqa, and Nazareth

“In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.” -David Ben Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel (Interview on CBS, 5 October 1956) Israel is an incredible place, full of history, layers, faith, miracles, conflict, destruction, rebuilding, ashes, beauty from ashes, holiness, and the beauty of holiness. I don’t actually know […]

2016 Books in Review

Last year, I did a Dating Year in Review. Does it say anything about #whyimsingle that I’m replacing that this year with my books in review? This year, I finally got into tracking my books consistently on Goodreads. Why, you say? Because one day I read a book and found it fascinating. New. Intriguing. I was […]

When the answer is peace

Last week, I was in a discussion about the spiritual needs of us younger-ish people. We spoke about answers from God. There was this feeling that many seek answers but don’t seem to get them. That they ask, but don’t feel they receive. And that without an answer to all the questions and all the confusion, it […]