5 Crazy Ways I’ve Been Set Up

I’ve probably gone on at least a million “blind” dates in my life. I say “blind” because there’s hardly any such thing since the advent of Facebook (and Google and LinkedIn, not that I would know where to look…). Thus the picture of blinds on my post. Dates these days are less blindfold-y and more peering into someone else’s social media life. Creepy. But useful.

But, I could truly say my pre-2008 set-ups were blind, so that will play into some of the stories below. And… I have tried hard not to totally stalk guys out before we go out anymore. But this isn’t about that topic. This is about the best ways I’ve been set up on a “blind” date.

5 Crazy Ways I’ve Been Set Up on a Blind Date

5. One week after returning home from my mission, I was asked to speak about my mission in an mission prep LDS Institute class at Weber State. I went to the class, did my thing, stayed for the rest of the class, and headed out. In the parking lot, a gal walked up to me and said she liked what I had to say and thought I was cool (or something to that effect) and asked if I were open to being set up with one of her friends. “Um…sure, strange girl I just met.” (ha! I shouldn’t judge, by the way. I try to set up every person I meet. But I digress). “Tell me about him.” Girl: “Well, he was actually in the class, too, and he was just too afraid to ask you out, so he asked me to ask for him.” The guy was standing 5 feet away in the parking lot. Talk about awkward. I thought for sure he was a pre-mission kid, so I wasn’t sure what this was all about. Turns out he was older and attending the class with a friend. We did go out. We did not go out again. My choice, of course. Don’t blame him. It’s usually me.

4. Some time ago, as I often do, I went alone to the Salt Lake Temple. I love to do sealings and so I always just join in with any random group. On this particular night, I joined in with a ward group and had a normal lovely sealing session. Immediately after the session, one of the ladies approached me and asked, “Are you single? Because I have a son…” and told me all about her awesome son. She found a little scrap of paper somewhere and I scribbled (because that sounds cooler than wrote) down my phone number. I’ve given my phone number out to a lot of people and they rarely call, so I’m not too worried about it generally. But this guy called, and we went out. It was a nice date, but we didn’t exactly gel. Lucky for him, though, I run a set-up service, and I set him up with a gal from my ward and they got married. So I think he got the best deal out of that set-up.

3. Dating in college was interesting as I tried to navigate what dating really was. One experience did not help the matter. My roommate was dating a guy and he had a friend that was in from out of town (if I remember correctly). They all wanted to go to Divine Comedy (the comedy troupe from which Studio C was generated). My roommate asked if I would be willing to double with her, but not “really” double, because the guy was kind of dating someone. Strange…but free tickets to Divine Comedy, so I was in. My roommate and her boyfriend were definitely on a date, but after I met the guy, we definitely were not on a date (friend date? not sure…we weren’t even friends yet). I found out he had picked up the engagement ring THAT DAY for the girl he was dating. We had a jolly conversation all about the two of them and what she was like and why he wanted to marry her and when he was going to propose. I’m a good sport like that. #pokemyeyesout

2. This really is too recent to write about, but I’m going to do it anyway. My aunt and uncle wanted to set me up with someone but they are very astute. They are quite aware that if you just get and give phone numbers, 90% of the time, the guy won’t call. So they invited us both over to dinner at their house and didn’t tell either of us the other person’s name so we wouldn’t stalk each other out. I have to admit that I was terrified. I know like half the guys in Salt Lake (you think I’m kidding, but I’m not) and what if it had been someone I knew? Lucky for me, it was a total stranger, although he thought he’d met me before (oops). And we ate dinner and played games with my aunt and uncle. I thought it would be a lot more awkward, but it was fine (and I’m not just saying that because my aunt and uncle read my blog).

1.  Last, but definitely not least, immediately post-mission was kind of fun for me dating-wise. #jokes. In my little world of Northern Utah, when you speak prior to or returning from a mission, the local newspaper put (maybe they still do put) a little blurb about you and where you served. The day mine was published, I got a phone call. A lady asked if I were the Liz who had just returned from her mission to Brazil. Yes….

“Oh good, I’m so glad I guessed the right phone number in the phone book. You see, I have a son…”

Yes, this is a true story.

“I really want to find him a nice girl to date and so I’ve been looking in the returned missionary column for someone who spoke Spanish because he served Spanish-speaking. I know that you served in Brazil, so you spoke Portuguese, but I figured it was close enough.”

And thus she told me about her son and what he was doing with his life and, “Would you be interested in going out with him sometime?”

Call me crazy, but I said, “What the heck! Sure!”

My parents freaked out, of course. And so did I. Especially because his mom called back later and left a voicemail with an updated time for him to pick me up but someone in the family (won’t say who, mom) forgot to tell me the time had changed from the original call, so he didn’t show up, and didn’t show up, and didn’t show up…and my dad got out the shotgun (hahahha). Ok, but really, we all thought I had just gotten punked. But he came an hour later than planned, but then someone remembered the voicemail had told us that and we felt more comfortable. He met both my parents; we went to dinner. He was a solidly nice guy and we had a good time. I think we went out one more time, and I *think * I met his mom. Can’t remember now. But…I was headed back down to BYU and had to start my job and school and couldn’t be commuting back up to Ogden easily for dates. Also, remember, I was ONE WEEK HOME FROM MY MISSION WHEN THIS MOM CALLED ME. I was totally freaked out that this guy wanted to date me. And so I shut him down, I hope kindly. Sorry, Brandon. To make you feel better, it took me about a year to be normal about dating again (ha! Who am I kidding? I’m STILL not normal). So it wasn’t you, it was me.

What are your best set-up stories? Pray tell!

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  1. Here’s a fun one. It was ME doing the crazy set-up though. I was RSP at the time and a RM gal had gone inactive. I kept trying to reach out to her and she kept shutting me down. Meanwhile, a buddy of mine, who was “currently off” in an off-and-on relationship (and was in my previous ward across town), made some advances on me and we kissed. Never dating. Anyway, after ward council, the bishop asks me to stay and tells me that I had “been making out with her boyfriend” which was not helping her return to activity. 🙁 HUH??? Because she wouldn’t accept my calls I ended up sending her a letter explaining my friendship with him, my ignorance to their relationship and my complete apology and regret for having kissed someone I wasn’t in a committed relationship with. We bonded and became friends. A few months later she and I had a double date planned (not with that old dude), when her date fell through. The night before I had gone on a date with an awesome guy. I called him and asked him if he would like to go out again. On a double date. With someone else. He shockingly cancelled his water-skiing plans and came along. They’ve been happily married for 8 years and have 3 children.

    1. lizwritesthis says:

      Man…these are the stories I LOVE!!!

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