Books in Review Q3 2019

It’s interesting how different phases of our life influence our reading. I definitely had a little more discretionary reading time with an international trip to and from Mongolia–especially when the in-flight entertainment was broken on the way back–and lots of driving time in the country, too. But I also got a new job and you’ll […]

Books in Review Q2 2019

Over this quarter, I went on a nice nearly 3-week long trip to Brazil where I traveled all over on like…11 flights or something crazy like that. So I had a lot of time in airports and a lot of time to read. Thus, this quarter’s reads: The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner and Other Stories The […]

Q1 2019 Books in Review

Quite a good little mix of books this time around. Some were enjoyable, some to explore a different genre or author, and some that deeply moved me. I thought I’d provide the skimmable version of the books I read first and then my reviews. Books in no particular order The Ocean at the End of […]

Q1 2018 Books in Review

I did it! I wanted to try doing my book reviews on a quarterly basis this year and look! #ICanDoHardThings I had an interesting mix of bookses this time around (That’s how Gollum would say it. No, I didn’t re-read LOTR. Yes, I want to.) Children’s Book Good Morning Moroni By: Jed Nelson Platt I […]